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ParkCloud's favourite parking stories – April 2017

From prehistoric parking to ticket terrors, here's ParkCloud's favourite parking stories this month!

A Prime Parking Spot 

Theresa May's car was spotted last month in Henley-on-Thames, near to where she lives, parked in a loading bay... Tut tut Theresa, in the future why not book a space in advance and avoid the embarrassment!  

Ticket Terror 

When your car gets so many parking tickets the entire cost is more than the vehicle itself, you know you've gone wrong somewhere... This Hyundai owner might be shocked when they find out they've racked up 26 parking tickets. Next time, just book it in advance. For your own sake! 

Jurassic Car Park 

Could this be the best prank and pun all rolled into one? We think so. To the creators of Jurassic Car Park, we salute you! 

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