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Airport Parking

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We’ve all been there: the early morning holiday checklist. Passport, check. Booking details, check. Suitcases, check. Suncream, check. Airport car parking? Ah.

It’s not always the first thing on the list but it certainly helps to get it sorted so there are no last minute panics. Better still, booking airport car parking in advance can actually save up to 60% vs. the on the day booking price, which means more money for all the fun things when your plane lands! The earlier you book the better chance of securing the best discount.

ParkCloud is the world’s favourite airport parking comparison site. Not only do we offer great deals on advance bookings but we have the widest range of airport car parking products available for you to compare and pick the best one for you. Choose from the best selection of on airport official car parks (long stay and short stay), Park & Ride car parks right near airports, hotels with parking, meet & greet car parks, valet parking and even local car parks in the surrounding area to the airport. We have over 3.3m happy customers so why not join them and book your airport parking with us today.

Compare Airport Parking – pick the right option for you

Today we are blessed with choices, it’s never been easier to find the right parking space for you. There are long-stay and short-stay car parks, park and ride, valet services, meet and greet, even nearby hotels opening up their car parks to excited travellers. They each have their pros and cons; the important thing is to consider which option works best for you.

Proximity to Airport Average Transfer Time Cost Per Day
On Airport 2.5 km 4.5 minutes £7.78
Park & Ride 8.3 km 6.9 minutes £4.60
Meet & Greet Airport Hotel 5.3 km 6.3 minutes £6.74
Carpark 5.3 km 6.3 minutes £8.26

Let’s take a look at the different options.

  • Airport on-site car parking – these are perfect for their convenience. Most of them will be located in close proximity to terminals (just make sure you find the one near the terminal you’re flying from, especially at the larger airports) so it is easy to park up and amble to your check-in desk. However, this convenience sometimes does come with extra cost, but you don’t have top worry about a shuttle bus transfer to the airport.
  • Park and ride – these are usually a bit farther out but a shuttle service will save your legs from any pre-holiday fatigue by picking you up and dropping you off. These are normally cheaper options too. Oh, and every UK airport has 24-hour security, so while it might feel a little unnerving walking away from your car in the middle of nowhere, it is being looked after.
  • Meet and greet (sometimes called valet parking) – this is one way to arrive in style. Drive up, leave your car with one of the valets, and take the first steps to your holiday. The cars are driven to a secure location and many of the airports offer guarantees on your car returning to you in the same condition; many even take photos so they can check it is looked after properly.
  • Hotel parking – this is perfect if you’re travelling far to the airport and you want an extra night before you fly. Many people on early flights with a long way to go find this solution to be perfect. Obviously the extra night comes at a cost, but it means your holiday starts earlier and there is no early morning rush to the airport.

That’s just a snapshot of the options available, clearly there is more to consider when it comes to booking. For instance, the type of security employed by the airport, do they have disabled access if you need it, what is the cancellation policy. All these things should be considered alongside proximity and cost.

Cheap Airport Parking

If cost is the deciding factor, then there are a number of ways to save some extra holiday spending money. The earlier you book your airport parking the better the chance you’ll get a discount. With ParkCloud you could save up to 60% vs. the on the day rate.

But also think about what you need. Do you have enough time to get there a bit earlier so you can park farther away in a cheaper option like a park & ride car park? Have you got a lot of luggage, will means you might be better off with an onsite airport car park so you don’t have to lift 7 cases onto the shuttle bus? Ask yourself these types of questions to make sure you choose the best option to suit your needs.

ParkCloud can then help you find deals at some of the UK’s leading airports.

Manchester Airport parking

There are three terminals at Manchester Airport easily reached on foot. If you’re a bit behind schedule and park in the wrong place, there is a sky-link monorail service connecting terminals one and two.

Luton Airport parking

There is only one terminal and it is supported by a full complement of car parking options. There are four hotels in immediate proximity to the airport too.

Bristol Airport parking

You will find all car parking options available as well as a 24-hour bus which takes you from the terminal to the car parks.

Birmingham Airport parking

There are only two terminals at this airport, served by short-stay, long-stay, park and ride, and meet and greet car parking options.

Stansted Airport parking

There might be only a single terminal but, as well as all the usual car parking options, Stansted is served by a plethora of hotels nearby. They are all in close proximity.

Edinburgh Airport parking

All of the car parking is conveniently spread around the actual airport. For instance, the long-stay parking isn’t even that far. There is also a Double Tree by Hilton on the grounds.

Gatwick Airport parking

Being one of the UK’s most popular airports, it’s important to sort your car parking early. All options are catered for as well as a welcoming choice of hotels.

Glasgow Airport parking

There are two terminals that serve both domestic and international flights, so make sure you are near the one you need. That being said, there’s not exactly a large distance between them.

Liverpool Airport parking

This has a single terminal easily accessed by all types of car parking. The short stay car parking is undercover too, so if you are getting picked up, there’s no need to let drops of rain bring you back to reality, just yet.

Why are we the World’s Favourite Airport Parking comparison site

Here at ParkCloud we have been providing stress-free airport car parking for over 10 years. Getting the right deal for you has always been the main priority, which is why ParkCloud offer such an extensive search and provide the right level of information to support your decision.

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Best price guarantee

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Save up to 60%

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