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Luton Airport Parking

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Luton SPS Meet & Greet Super Saver
  • Approximate Distance
Short walk to check-in. Our most popular Meet & Greet service at Luton. Quoted price includes Airport access fees. You will be met at the terminal by a fully insured driver. No shuttle service to wait for.
Paige Airport Parking Luton
  • Approximate Distance
  • Transfer Duration
    12 min
  • Transfer Frequency
    20 min
Paige Airport Parking provide safe, reliable parking with direct transfers to Luton Airport. The Car Park has received the coveted Park Mark award and prides itself on delivering an outstanding customer experience, at highly competitive prices.
Swift Airport Parking Luton
  • Approximate Distance
Open air car park with Meet and Greet service to/from Luton airport!

ParkCloud have been providing Luton Airport Parking for years, offering choice and value to over 3.3 million happy customers, that’s why ParkCloud are the world’s favourite parking comparison site. The choice comes from their ability to find car parking to suit all budgets and circumstances, and value by helping to secure the best price, including an advanced booking saving of up to 60%.
Is it fair to say that sometimes Luton Airport can get overlooked when it comes to booking flights down south? Probably, but without justification.
It’s officially classed as the seventh busiest airport in the UK, but when you’ve got Heathrow, Stansted and Gatwick not a million miles away, some people might prefer to go to the ‘more established’ airport.
But, did you know it serves over 60 destinations from its single terminal, with the majority of those being short-haul flights? There might also be a benefit to its lack of size – its easier to get around, which ultimately makes car parking at Luton Airport a bit easier too.

Choose the best Luton Airport parking to suit your needs

Paragraph on why choosing your carpark is not just all about price, you also need to consider:

  • How much luggage you have when you arrive at Gatwick
  • Whether you flying form the north or south terminal and car park distance to the terminal
  • Whether you are happy leaving your car keys with the car park
  • Frequency of transfer shuttles
  • Duration of transfer
  • Opening hours
  • Security

The reason for ParkCloud’s continued success in being able to offer customers the best airport car parking at Luton is because they understand that the right deal isn’t just about money.
Two of the main things to consider are time and amount of luggage. If you’ve got plenty of time and only a few items of luggage, parking farther out might be beneficial, certainly in helping you save some extra cash to spend when you’re away.
Alternatively, if you have lots of luggage, parking nearer might be better. And if time is of the essence then the meet & greet is a sure fire way to get you there and to check-in much quicker.
Then there is the hotel car park option. This is probably better suited to those with a long journey to the airport.

ParkCloud cater for all of these parking options:

  • On-site short-stay and long-stay car parking – most of them are located in close proximity to the terminal.
  • Park and ride – these are usually a bit farther out but the regular bus services will help you get to the airport quickly enough.
  • Meet and greet (sometimes called valet parking) – this is where you drive up, leave your car with one of the valets, and they’ll do the rest. The cars are driven to a secure location so you’ll have peace of mind that you’ll get it back just as you left it.
  • Hotel parking – this is perfect if you’re travelling on early flights with a long way to go to the airport. There is a good selection of hotels near the airport so you can browse to find your favourite.

The table below compares the finer details of each different car parking option.

Proximity to terminal Average transfer time Cost per day from
On airport 4.8 km 12 min £7
Park and ride
Meet & greet / valet 0.5 km £12
Hotel with parking

Luton on airport parking

Onsite parking leaves you in control of your destiny. As mentioned earlier, there are different types of car parks depending on how long you’ll be away for. However, they are all served by a bus service that runs regularly.
These car parks are open 24 hours a day, and importantly, they are manned by security for the same amount of hours. In fact the onsite car parks have the Park Mark Safer Parking certificate; so you know your vehicle is in safe hands.
Should you just be dropping or picking up passengers off at Luton Airport they have a designated drop off and pick up zone; 10 minutes costs £3.

Luton park & ride carparks

The time it takes from the park and ride car parks varies. Its five minutes for the short-stay car parks but up to ten minutes for the long-stay car parks. However, this is normally a cheaper option, and it means you park your car, not someone else.

Car Park Approx. distance Transfer duration Transfer frequency Price per day from
Paige Airport Parking Luton 4.8 km 12 min Every 20 min £7
Luton Airport meet & greet / valet parking

At Luton Airport this service is called Priority Parking. It couldn’t be easier: drop your car at the Priority Parking reception on Level 2 of the Multi-storey Car Park and the trained staff will do the rest. When you land, head to the desk and someone will fetch your car for you, returning it just as you left it.

Car Park Approx. distance Transfer duration Transfer frequency Price per day from
Luton SPS Meet & Greet Super Saver 0.5 km - - £13
Swift Airport Parking Luton 0.5 km - - £11
Cheap Luton Airport Parking

Whichever option you decide is best for you, it is worth deciding in advance. Not only will this negate any stress but you could save up to 60%. Also, by booking early, you stand a better chance of getting the parking you most desire.

Are Blue Badges valid at Luton Airport car parks?

Blue Badge parking is available in all of the car parks. In the short-stay multi-storey these Blue Badge bays are found on the ground and first floor, with ease of access. Anyone picking up can use the short-stay Blue Badge bays for up to 30 minutes for free.

Airport Hotels with parking

There are numerous nearby hotels that provide parking for airport users. In fact, a quick Google Maps check shows five clustered together all just waiting outside the entrance to the airport. They vary in price too, so you can choose the one that works best for your budget.

Luton Airport with Electric Car charging

As the airport moves with the times, new technologies are required. This is why Luton Airport has five Tesla chargers and five type-2 tethered charging points available to the public. They are located on the second floor of the Multi-storey car park.
They are free to use but the usual car parking tariffs are applied.

Luton Airport Information

Already this year has seen the number of passengers passing through Luton Airport surpass last year’s numbers. Over 14 million people have used the airport compared to 13.7 million last year. Amsterdam continues to be popular, as does Budapest, Bucharest, Barcelona and Warsaw – upholding the airport’s status as a short-haul specialist.
Actually inside the airport, there are bars for the compulsory pre-flight food and drinks. Bella Italia, Frankie and Benny’s, Dubl and Hawker bar await once you’re through security.

How to get to Luton Airport

Trains to and from London run every ten minutes and have an average journey time of 40 minutes. If you’re going further north, you will find a similar frequency of trains available. It is worth noting that you should add 10mins for the shuttle to any journey plan.
There are regular taxis too, provided by Addison Lee. Their office is adjacent to the private hire area.

Which terminal is my flight from?

There is only a single terminal at Luton Airport, this serves all 60 destinations available.

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