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Parking Zeus – Pompei
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Planning a trip to Pompei? It can be tricky to find a parking space at Pompei, so save yourself the trouble and book a parking space in advance with ParkCloud.

Pompeii is 150 miles south of Rome, close to Naples. It’s easily accessible by car from Naples or surrounding towns like Sorrento and Positano. The drive includes some seriously beautiful scenery, with stunning sea views.

Rather than fight for a parking space when you arrive, save yourself time and money by simply booking one with ParkCloud. Parking at Pompei can be very difficult, as it is a world famous archaeological site with over 2.5 million visitors every year arriving in cars and on tour buses.

Forget fighting for a space when you arrive - with spaces available just 50 metres away from the main entrance of the excavation, book one with ParkCloud and it’ll start your visit to Pompei stress free.

Pompei was an ancient Roman town which was mostly destroyed by an eruption from Mount Vesuvius in 79AD. Today it is a UNESCO World Heritage site, one of the most visited sites in Italy and one of the most visited archaeological sites in all the world! It’s an incredible insight into what life in ancient Rome was like, and walking through the preserved streets of the city is like going back in time. Don’t miss The Forum, the amphitheatre and the Temple of Jupiter.

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