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Verona Porta Vescovo Station Parking

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Garage Paradiso Verona P. Vescovo
  • Approximate Distance
  • Transfer Duration
    2 min
Garage Paradiso Verona P.Vescovo, a short distance from Porta Vescovo Station and right in the centre of Verona, offers covered and open air parking spaces for cars, motorcycles and vans.
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Verona Porta Vescovo station parking is the best option if you need to leave your car near to the Station and at affordable price. The car park is located just 15-minute walk from Porta Vescovo train station.

Verona Porta Vescovo is open daily from 6.30 am to 12.00 am and offering both covered and uncovered parking spaces for cars and vans.

Book online easily and fast and then pay when you arrive at Verona Porta Vescovo Station parking.Verona Porta Vescovo station parking gives you an efficient and also safe service since is guarded and staff is always present.

Verona Porta Vescovo station

The station of Verona Porta Vescovo is located on the east side of the City of Verona and it is linked to the Officine Grandi Riparazioni Porta Vescovo.

The station of Verona Porta Vescovo was the first railway station of Verona. It was inaugurated in 1847 and was widely used during the Austrian domination, as it is located on the railway line through the Brenner Pass.

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