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Burgas Station Parking

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Hotel Bulgaria Burgas Station Parking

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Save time and money and park your car in the Hotel Bulgaria's covered car park just a few steps away from Burgas Central Railway Station.
  • Shuttle bus
  • Undercover parking
  • Open 24 hours
  • Convenient and secure parking

Finding convenient and secure Burgas station parking can be difficult since the station is located in a busy, central area of the city as well as nearby the seashore. Considering its central position, the parking spaces nearby are often full, especially during the summer period. Blue parking zone is the option for parking at the station, which can be quite expensive in case that you are looking for a long-term parking option.

ParkCloud offers you a solution for affordable, long-term Burgas station parking!

Take advantage of our convenient parking option, which is only few hundred metres from the Burgas Station. The car park is ideal place for long-term stay and offers cheap alternative for parking nearby the station. You can have peace of mind, because it will provide more secure conditions for your vehicle compared to the Blue zone street parking, since Burgas Station parking we offer is indoor and guarded.

Book Burgas Station parking now to guarantee your space. Visit our section "How I can book?", to find out more information about the booking process.

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Burgas station

Central Railway Station Burgas is situated in the centre of the city, in close proximity to the sea shore and close to the Port of Burgas.

Burgas Central station is among the busiest railway stations in Bulgaria. The station handles more than half a million passengers per year and service destinations such as Sofia, South Bulgaria as well as Ruse and Pleven.

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