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Privacy Policy

ParkCloud Ltd. (ParkCloud) intermediates the pre-booking of parking spaces and other related travel services. To provide this service, it is necessary for ParkCloud to collect and process some personal data. Such personal data will not be more than is needed to service the bookings made. Some profiling of personal data is performed, this is to help personalise the service provided and to give better results.

ParkCloud aims to comply with all aspects of the EU Data Protection Directive 2016/680, otherwise known as the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. Under GDPR, ParkCloud is a controller of personal data. ParkCloud uses systems that belong to other companies in order to process data. All personal data stored by ParkCloud is kept within the EU. Due to ParkCloud's role as an intermediary, personal data will necessarily be shared with third parties which fulfil the bookings made by customers. No data will be transferred outside the EU, unless a booking is made for a third party which is outside the EU. ParkCloud does not process any special categories of personal data such as racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, genetic, biometric or health data. The personal data ParkCloud holds will be accurate and up-to-date as far as possible: customers have access to change or update any personal data.

The type of personal data ParkCloud will collect includes:

  • Name and contact details, such as telephone number and email address
  • Vehicle details, such as registration number
  • Onward travel details, such as flight number or train time
  • Device information such as the operating system used and IP address

ParkCloud communicates with customers primarily by email. Such emails are either transaction, that is, related to a booking made by a customer, or promotional. Customers must specifically opt in to receive any promotional emails.

ParkCloud has been registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) in the UK since 2009, its registration number is Z1699208.

The privacy policies of companies that ParkCloud uses to process customer data can be found at the following links:

Any questions or concerns about the data stored by ParkCloud can be addressed to: admin@parkcloud.com, with the subject line GDPR.

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