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The Staff ParkCloud Pledges – May, Valentina

This January, ParkCloud created 12 travel pledges and asked you to show us which one's you had completed – from visiting somewhere you've never heard of to trying a new delicacy! Each month, we're going to profile a member of the ParkCloud staff who has completed a pledge – this month, it's our General Manager, Valentina!

Valentina completed the pledge to try eat a new type of food – a local delicacy in Wales – Glamorgan sausages! Originally from Italy, Valentina previous lived in Wales for 3 years and thought she had tried most of the local food until she discovered Glamorgan sausages!

When visiting Wales for a wedding, Valentina decided to try the delicious dish. Here's what she said -

"I'm not normally a vegetarian but as it was Good Friday I decided to order the Glamorgan sausages – made from leek, cheese and breadcrumbs. They were delicious and I'd definitely have them again when visiting in the future!"

Stay tuned to find out which staff member completes which pledge next month! Read about the 12 ParkCloud pledges here.

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