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ParkCloud's favourite parking stories – May 2017

This month's parking stories have a furry theme – from slithering into spaces to car park cats, here's what we spotted this month. Purrfect.

Batgirl the car park cat!

A black and white cat with mask markings on its face was spotted living in a supermarket car park by staff members, who began to wonder where she had come from. Thankfully, they tracked down the owner, and the cat is now living back with its owner instead of in the car park! 

A spot of early morning shopping

If you were a donkey and you escaped your farm, where would you immediately head? No ideas? Take inspiration from these two, who went straight to... a car park. They wandered up and down the supermarket car park all morning – until they were sent back to the farm, tail between their legs. 

Slithering into a space

There's still speculation on whether the group of 40 snakes spotted in a Walmart parking lot slithered there from a nearby drainage ditch or were dumped there, but we know one thing for sure – it's a definite way to keep the parking warden away from your car...

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