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Bookings from more than 150 countries for ParkCloud

Drivers from a staggering 81% of the world's countries have booked parking via ParkCloud's network in the past two years, data shows.

Customers from every continent, across some 160 countries, have made use of ParkCloud's services, choosing parking in nearly thirty languages.

ParkCloud's data shows that Europe continues to dominate for pre-booked parking, due in no small part to every EU country having at least four weeks' paid holiday enshrined in law, compared to zero guaranteed days in the US, which in practice, averages 2 weeks.

ParkCloud promotes a network of more than 1,200 car parks in almost forty countries, and customers from around the globe can book a parking space months in advance (or at the last minute!) across a range of devices, and at key locations such as airports, train stations, cruise ports and city centres.

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