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Parking in Tallinn near the airport

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CARpark near Tallinn Airport
  • Approximate Distance
  • Transfer Duration
    10 min

CARpark near Tallinn Airport is situated just 10 minutes away from Tallinn Airport. The car park has been providing parking services for 15 years and is secure and guarded. Such considerable experience and knowledge guarantee the high quality of the provided services as well as ensuring that your car will be in safe hands while you are away. The greatest advantage of the car park is that this is the only secure car park in the city centre.

GoParking Tallinn Airport
  • Approximate Distance
  • on foot
    5 minutes
  • Transfer Frequency
    Walking distance

GoParking Tallinn Airport is an airport car park at the parking garage at Ülemiste City, only 5 minutes from the airport. Walking distance to the airport terminal is 350 m.

On the day of your departure, please drive to the car park using the information in your booking voucher.
On the day of your return, you can pick up your car according to your schedule. More detailed information in your booking voucher.

  • No Booking Fee
  • Safe and secure parking
  • Booking available 24/7
  • Competitive prices
  • Friendly staff

ParkCloud offers alternative parking options for Tallinn Airport that are close to the airport. These low cost car parks are just 15 minutes away from the airport.

By booking parking in Tallinn near the airport in advance, you will be able to reduce your travel expenses significantly. The car parks listed on our website comply with the highest safety requirements, and are equipped with CCTV cameras offering 24-hour security. They are all located in close proximity to the airport and you can be sure that you will not have any problems getting to the airport and back to the car park.

How to book parking near the airport

There are two possible ways to book for parking in Tallinn near the airport:

  • You can make a booking on our website using the online price calculator
Tallinn Airport parking

Tallinn Airport is served by 12 airlines, among which - airBaltic, Ryanair, Aeroflot, etc. According to Tallinn Airport survey, in 2012 the top five most popular destinations are Helsinki, Riga, Stockholm, Oslo and London.

Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport is the main international airport in Estonia. Like several airports in the world that are named after legendary statesmen, Tallinn Airport bears the name of the first president of the newly independent Republic of Estonia.

13% of all passengers who traveled from Tallinn Airport in 2012 were residents of Russia. When planning your journey, it is important to think through where you are going to park your car for the period that you are away.

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