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Multi-Storey with fastTRACK - Official Onsite

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Approximate Distance : 0.1km
on foot : 1 min
<Name xmlns="http://parkcloud.net/affiliate">Multi-Storey with fastTRACK - Official Onsite</Name>
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  • CCTV
  • Park Mark Award
  • 24 Hour
  • Multi-Storey
Covered parking located right at the Terminal, including fastTRACK security. Up to 5 people can use the FastTrack Bridge on level 2 of the multi-storey car park, which takes you straight into our new security hall.

Get from your car to the departure lounge in around 5 minutes. Super quick and ideal for the business traveller or who like to make a quick getaway;
Full Park Mark award accredited car park with CCTV so you know your car will be safe and secure while you are away;
Your car will be waiting for you when you return.

To use the bridge and skip check-in, you will need to be pre-checked in and have your valid boarding pass (e-ticket or paper copy), and only have hand luggage. Your parking reservation will still be valid for fastTRACK if you need to use check-in or bag drop.

Multi-Storey with fastTRACK - Official Onsite

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